BCAC Project Grant
Supporting Document - Video Footage (5 mins)
Password is: bcac

0:00 - 0:37 [NINEEIGHT]
0:38 - 2:26 [
2:27 - 3:52 [
Visitors From Far Away to the State Machine]
3:53 - 5:00 [No Foreigners (August Workshop Sketches)]

0:00 - 0:37 [NINEEIGHT, 2014]
NINEEIGHT is a multi-media dance theatre work for three performers with live-generated electronic sound and projection. The work sources from Mo Lei Tau, a phenomenon of absurdist, comedic film that emerged in Hong Kong in the 1990’s. Through the lens of this peculiar cinematic language, the work unpacks the climate of political uncertainty and anxiety of Hong Kong in the years awaiting its return to the hands of Mainland China on July 1, 1997. NINEEIGHT reflects on personal fractures, disorientation, and the significance of “motherland” at times of political, social and geographical transition.

* One of our most toured shows; it is a deeper investigation of film-maker Stephan Chow’s work, through the medium of dance. Interest with intergenerational anxieties started here.

0:38 - 2:26 [eatingthegame, 2015]
eatingthegame is a motivational keynote speech of, from, and between two worlds: West and East, business and culture, pragmatics and possibility, ethics and desire. ETG investigates the risky and destructive nature of international trade, with a focus on capital investment ties between North American cities and Asia. The piece explores alternative and multidisciplinary approaches to performance and audience engagement, drawing its inspirations from the theatrics of the business and financial sector.

* A collaboration with a writer collaborator, Conor Wylie, displaying our use of new media in performance and our ambition in having a scene with an actor and their hologram.

2:27 - 3:52 [Visitors From Far Away to the State Machine, 2016]
Visitors From Far Away to the State Machine is a smutty multi-media theatre space opera with variable beginnings, middles, and endings. Two aliens travel millions of light years to Earth for their honeymoon. On their journey, they tease one another with sexy and profane stories from the past, present, and future. They arrive on planet Earth and their fantasy begins/continues/completes.

* Our full-length from this past May; we will be building upon these media techniques with No Foreigners. Visitors is also collaboratively written, and critiques global-political issues.

3:53 - 5:00 [No Foreigners (August Workshop Sketches), 2016]
* Two quickly-made, but essential sketches for No Foreigners, using Isadora software.