DOTE Application - Our Gestures Are No Longer Ours 
[Natalie Tin Yin Gan / Francesca Frewer]

5 minute footage reel of Natalie Tin Yin Gan's choreography
password is bcac

[0:00 - 1:35] - NINEEIGHT (2014)
A dance theatre work with live-triggered sound and projection, inspired by Mo Lei Tau 1990's Hong Kong Cinema.

[1:35 - 3:19] - Our Gestures Are No Longer Ours (2015)
An abstract feminist treatment of Guy Debord's "Society of Spectacle".

[3:19 - 5:00] - EXILE (2012)
A somber yet theatrical dance work exploring diaspora, censorship, and isolation, performed with a live string quintet.


Footage of the first iteration of Our Gestures Are No Longer Ours at 12 Minutes Max (February 2015)
password is dubord