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2012 was a fantastic year; thank you to our supporters, our families, our friends, and our collaborators! We feel extremely fortunate to have such wonderful people surrounding us (we're probably talking about you...yes, YOU)!

On New Years, HKX performed a newly devised piece for the Canadian (Frame)lines Launch Party. 

The Commodification of Bears, the extremes of our depravity put to a looped sample from 'The Great Dictator", a broom, the implications of facelessness, and a love affair between you and I.

Here are some pictures from our involvement in the event:

Many thanks to Ryder and Alex for having us perform; they recently embarked on their journey and are doing some really sweet work -- we're sending them our best wishes! 

2013 is gearing up to be a huge year for HKX and we're really excited to keep the work going. If you haven't already, please 'Like' our Facebook page to keep up with our most immediate and recent updates. 

We can't wait to share some of our really exciting projects and initiatives with you, but more to come later! Until then: Happy New Years everyone!

With love from HKX,
Natalie, Remy, and Milton