Cho Fang Ts'ao [The Capture & Release of Ts'ao Ts'ao] 

Nov. 24th - 25th, 2011 @ 7pm

Studio D - SFU Woodward's

Set during the Han Dynasty is the story of Ts’ao Ts’ao after an attempted assassination of Tung Cho and before establishing a military rule in a struggle to unite China during the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. As a wanted criminal, he is recognized and captured by the guards in Chung-mou. This is an exploration of our contemporary culture through an old translation of historic Chinese operatic text; I am, we are, you are Chinese.

Cast: Aryo Khakpour, Daniel O’Shea, Janelle Reid, Remy Siu

Director: Milton Lim
Sound Collaborator: Remy Siu
Movement Collaborator: Natalie Gan
Stage Manager: Rui Su
Assistant Stage Manager: Tanner Midkiff
Lighting Designer: Cameron Corazza
Technical Director: Christina Andreola

Running time: 35 minutes

Part of the Simon Fraser University Directing Projects 2011