Longing Gone

January 15th @ 8pm

Faris Theatre, The Dance Centre

First presented at Second Story Theatre, this re-adaptation of Longing Gone is a study of escapism. In contemporary society,  what do we find ourselves escaping from? Where do we escape to?  Animated by a four-piece rock band on stage, this quirky and minimalist piece is the product of a year-long collaboration between choreographer Natalie Gan with Triadic Dance Works and musician Remy Siu.

Choreographer: Natalie Gan
Dramaturgical support: Claire French
Dancers: Jennifer Aoki, Jenn Edwards, Philippa Myler
Musicians of Dissonant Disco: Alex Mah, Sean Shin, Gabsung Lim, Remy Siu

Running time: 15 minutes 

Part of the Project CPR showcase, hosted by Claire French