No Foreigners

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No Foreigners is a new work created by Hong Kong Exile and fu-GEN Theatre (Toronto), produced in association with Theatre Conspiracy (Vancouver) and the Theatre Centre (Toronto). It considers Chinese shopping malls as racialized spaces of cultural creation and clash. Seven original stories begin in a mall and quickly diverge—catapulting across cities, between Cantonese and English, in and out of the afterlife, and through past, present, and future.

Through live performance and a micro-to-macro camera apparatus, No Foreigners weaves together text, miniatures, and media design as it attempts to unpack what is at the heart of “Chineseness” and what the future can hold for all of us as visitors and settlers.

No Foreigners will premiere at the the Cultch in Vancouver from February 7th - 17th 2018, followed by a Toronto presentation at the Theatre Centre from February 21st – 25th 2018.

created by
Hong Kong Exile & fu-GEN Theatre 

performed by
April Leung Derek Chan

project lead: Milton Lim
text: David Yee
miniature design: Natalie Tin Yin Gan
media apparatus design: Remy Siu
projection and sound design by: Milton Lim and Remy Siu
cantonese translations by: Derek Chan

Running time: ~90 minutes

This production was originally commissioned by Theatre Conspiracy as part of the Migration Path Project and has received funding from the City of Vancouver, British Columbia Arts Council, and Canada Council for the Arts. The first workshop was generously supported by a residency at Gateway Theatre (Richmond, BC) in August 2016 and the second development process made possible by Carleton University Art Gallery's Open Space Lab in May 2017. 


  • Theatre Centre (upcoming)                                                    Toronto, ON                     February 21st - 24th, 2018    
  • The Cultch 17/18 Season (upcoming)                                      Vancouver, BC                February 7th - 17th, 2018
  • Carleton University Art Gallery (in-process showing)            Ottawa, ON                     May 18th, 2017
  • Gateway Theatre (in-process showing)                                 Richmond, BC                 August 27th, 2016
Photo by Justin Wonnacott

Photo by Justin Wonnacott