Show me that face I like

June 11th - 14th, 2013 @ 7:30pm

Chapel Arts - 304 Dunlevy Street, Vancouver

An intimate and sensorial site-specific show at Chapel Arts (a former funeral home) based on the rituals of death, thresholds of spaces, and perfectly placed eyewash stations. Two distinct scenarios are set, a warmly lit and embellished “waiting room” contrasted with the flooded barely-lit morgue where five chosen audience members stand. Audiences are drawn into a harrowing experience of wetness, darkness, loudness, and proximity, all to the haunting distortions of live cello.

Collaborators: Sean Marshall Jr., Milton Lim, Natalie Gan, Remy Siu

Running time: 10 minutes

Part of Hive: New Bees 3 [Resounding Scream Theatre]